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Here are samples of E.J.'s work. Click on each link to read it in its entirety.

White Car
ERIC - "Back to Fool"

Animation Short Script - comedy

The pilot for an animated comedy about a boy and his family with friends. Here, he runs into trouble trying to impress a girl at school.

Back to Fool


ERIC - "Eric: The Musical"

Short Script - comedy

A boy is caught in between getting a girl to notice him and failing a music class, but he composes a song to solve both of those problems. 

Eric The Musical

ERIC - "Larf of the Dance"

Animation Short Script - comedy


​A boy takes dancing lessons from his nemesis to impress his date, who apparently lacks dancing skills as well.

Larf of the Dance

Also check out the Pinterest pages of Eric and Shana, the lead characters from Eric.


30 Second Commercial Script - comedy

A married couple enters their robbed house, but the husband is distraught because the crooks took his favorite cereal.

Happy O's

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