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E.J. Rupert is an office automation assistant and an aspiring writer with a passion for fiction. He has written comic strips, short stories, and screenplays for pleasure since he was a child. Watching TV wasn’t enough for him: he had to write the stories for TV as well.


E.J.’s scripts and comic strips include two works titled, Eric and Cedric & Hugo.


E.J. likes to incorporate creative writing into his everyday life. In 2003, at one of his previous jobs, he created a comic strip for a newsletter to boost the morale of his department. Here is an example of his artwork. Although it is not a comic strip but instead a storyboard, it illustrates his ability to tell a story through animation.

You can find E.J.’s written work here.


Writing is one of the many things that E.J. likes to do. When he is not writing, he can be found collecting music, playing the drums, singing, or holding down a DJ job (under the name, DJ Mello Ell). You can visit his DJ site at

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